Friday, July 6, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I made myself a hair cut appointment for tomorrow afternoon. The Hoos gets his hair cut every four weeks or so and I am lucky if I get mine cut every six months. It is time.

Since becoming a mom the texture of my hair has changed. And not just because I don't actually spend any time with it. It is curlier (even when it isn't so incredibly freaking humid!) and drier then it used to be. Even when pulled back into a ponytail, these little curls rear their ugly little heads and poke out - not along my neck line, which is at least semi-normal, but along the side of my head. Trust me, not so lovely.

I am now contemplating what direction to go with my hair. This article talks about the mom tendency to go short. She makes some good points, it is harder to go without showering when you have short hair (bed head anyone?) and wearing a hat can make you look like "Dad" instead of "mom" from the back, but I am still not wholly convinced.

Back when I turned 21 I cut all of my hair off. It was shorter than my boyfriend's hair (the Hoos had a ponytail for a few years in college, hard to believe, but I have the pictures that prove it!). I wanted to look older. Since then I have had short hair several times, although I did grow it back nice and long for my wedding. By the time my honeymoon rolled around (December! In Canada!) I had cut it all off again.

The Hoos has made a point of telling me that I don't look good with short hair, and talking with our mutual hair dresser to discuss how I would look with short hair (he assures me she is in agreement that I don't have a "short hair face" whatever that means). Perhaps a compromise is in order - a shoulder length and shorter do that would force me to resist the urge to go ponytail? Here's hoping that whatever I end up with makes me look better than the fuzzball head I have going on now...

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Selfmademom said...

My biggest post-baby hair issue was the little itty bitty pieces of hair in the front of my head that started to appear randomly after my hair fell out. Not cute when your hair's in a ponytail!