Thursday, July 12, 2007

It was Mrs. Peacock - In the Study!

This week several research reports have been released that I think state the obvious. I am just glad that they were not government-funded studies that funneled dollars away from more important things.

First, did you know that women wield the decision power in marriages? If you didn't you are either a. single; b. living under a rock; or c. a very stupid man. However, Iowa State University sponsored a study on this topic, observing 72 married couples to see who carries the most influence in a household. I guess I am glad that there is now "scientific proof" to support what I already knew. Actually, on a more serious note, the study notes that women are better in problem-solving discussions, constructing more powerful arguments in support of their view thereby convincing their husbands to concede. It is good to see that people are moving away from the moronic ideas that during a serious discussion women either cry or withhold sex in order to get their way.

The second study, which I believe was released today, reaches the conclusion that working moms prefer part-time work. A whopping 60% of working mothers (12 percentage points more than in 1997) have come to the conclusion that working part-time is better than working full-time.

Once again, the most interesting part of the study is not the part that made headlines. The data on how moms rate themselves as parents is far more telling in my opinion. SAHM and part-time workers give themselves high marks, where full-time moms rate themselves lower. College educated mothers also rate themselves lower than those with some college or only a high-school education. We continue to be too hard on ourselves, setting a ridiculously high bar. I think full-time workers are used to an office environment where they are used to being rated and setting goals that are to be checked off a list. Give yourselves some credit! You are setting a great example for your kids - showing them how to create a work-life balance.

Maybe next week the media will uncover a story that people prefer sunshine to rain...

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