Monday, July 23, 2007

Oops - Wrong Mirror

I am a voracious reader. I always have been. I could read at least a book a day if given the opportunity. I was the only kid at sleep-away camp that used to be thrilled with packages of books instead of snacks. Without lots of time on our vacation I still managed my way through three books: In Her shoes, The Illuminated Soul and The Art of Undressing.

I also enjoy magazines. The problem with magazines is that they are such quick reads. Once through (a half hour, tops!) and really they are done. Unless you are desperately bored. Then you go back and re-read everything and maybe even review the advertisements closely. I recently met my match - a publication I actually find completely unreadable.

Using my e-rewards points, I ordered a subscription for Working Mother. I figured it was free and I could always use more reading material. The first issue was in the stack of mail our neighbor collected for us while we were on vacation. "Yay," I thought, "something new to read."

The title should have been a dead giveaway - who considers themselves a "mother"? I am a "mom". Mother is accurate but way too formal to fit me. And that pretty much sums up the whole magazine. As far as I can tell is geared toward high-powered women who are older than me, work harder, and have more money. I couldn't relate to any of the articles and even after skimming the first few I decided to just close the magazine. I still have 11 more issues to get through and I already know that this subscription is wasted on me. I am thinking I might leave it in the lactation room at work. That is a place where you are always looking for something to distract you from the task at hand.

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