Thursday, July 26, 2007

Do I Look Amused?

Last night was my company picnic at Rye Playland, a local amusement park. I always enjoy this event because I love roller coasters and fried dough (although not the poor substitute "funnel cake"). In years past the Hoos and I have attended with my brother-in-law and his family and this year I was excited to add LP to the mix. It was her first visit to an amusement park and I figured between the sights, sounds, food, and her cousins, she was going to have a great time. Plus it was a good opportunity for me to show off my beautiful baby. Of course, the best laid plans...

In the middle of the day I received a phone call from LP's day care that my new toddler had wobbled a little too much and feel and banged her cheek. I was advised she was fine, there was no cut or bruising, it was just red and even that had started to fade. She was treated with an ice pack and TLC. I figured she was angling for some extra sympathy at the picnic and decided that a bruise would be just the ticket. In all actuality she just had a little red dot below her right eye, no big deal.

After eating at Playland and making sure LP met all the right people, we headed off to the rides. The most excited kid was my youngest nephew. This was the first year he could go on most of the rides and he loved it. He drove race carts with his uncle and when the ride ended he turned to the Hoos shouting "That was FUN!!!" It was adorable.

At this point LP just loved walking around. She didn't want to be held, she didn't want to be in the stroller, she just wanted to toddle around, without worry, knowing that people would just get out of her way. Of course, they have to see her first and who really expects to be on the look out for a two and a half foot munchkin? It was definitely a challenge to keep her safe.

We weaved our way over to some rides that LP could go on with an adult. First stop was the train. It is a very slow moving ride that basically takes you on a short loop. I figured this was just the right speed. Well, with this whole new walking thing, LP doesn't really like to sit still. She likes to be moving and grooving and the entire two minute ride was a struggle to keep baby girl from jumping ship.

Not one to give up, we moved over to the merry-go-round. Again, a kid friendly ride that I thought LP would love for sure. We sat in a little carriage (she wasn't allowed to go on a moving horsey), strapped in and began the slow circle. After a few revolutions, LP was done. After trying in vain to remove the seat belt, she managed to pull one of her legs out from under the strap. She grew increasingly unhappy (much to the amusement of the un-related bystanders) and was thrilled when the ride was over. I have to say I wasn't disappointed it was over either.

Hopefully this experience hasn't ruined amusement parks for LP forever and next year she eagerly gets on the rides she shunned!

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