Monday, July 30, 2007

Laughter: Contagious, Innate, Amazing

Recently LP has added a new work/sound to her repertoire: "Ticka". I have no idea how or where she picked it up but it is amazing to both the Hoos and me that she uses this new term frequently.

She repeats the term while giggling and wiggling her little fingers in a repetitive motion on her belly. Or when attempting to tickle one of us. I can't imagine that she is actually tickling herself, but she has picked up somewhere that people laugh when you tickle them. The Hoos and I reinforce this because we crack up whenever she attempts to "ticka" us.

This is one of those moments that you wait for as a parent. In addition to the first smile, first laugh, first kiss, first hug, first tooth, first steps, and first word, but you also look forward to indicators that your baby is turning into a little person with her own personality. Not to mention signs that your little bundle is becoming substantial enough to cuddle, gently wrestle with and tickle.

I love motherhood.

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