Thursday, May 17, 2007

You Found Me How?

Life is remarkably calm in our house. LP continues to amaze and develop and the Hoos and I are constantly trying to catch up. So, instead of talking about me, I am going to talk about you.

I have this handy-dandy little thing called "RiteTracker" in the bottom right corner of my blog. That counter tells me all sorts of anonymous information about how many people access this blog. As a non-technical techy, I find this data really interesting - especially the part that tracks the key words that people type into search engines to find my site. Some examples:
  • "Hot moms" (why, thank you!)
  • "breast care when weening baby off nursing"
  • "infant's face gets puffy after eating"
  • "edible paint finish for crib"
  • "mother gets hives while breast feeding"
  • "integrating whole milk babies"
  • "my body is a wonderland"
  • "Les zombies et les loup-garous"
While I can understand how some of these might link to specific entries on my site, I think it is really funny that after seeing what I assume is a long list of results, people would still choose to click on the link to my blog. Not that I don't like visitors - Please, come often! Read all about my life! - but boy, do I hope that I am not the only source of information on some of these topics.

Another interesting fact is that all of my readers are not related to me! And some of you don't even know me personally. (If you want to visit someone that does know me personally, visit Lori MacBlogger, a woman I went to sleep-away camp with who has a much more exciting life than I do). In fact, while 86% of you check me out from within the U.S., visitors show up from other countries all the time. And, even if you count my virtual friend Karen, a Canadian, in with the American folks, 10% of you come from other places - Spain, the UK, France, Cyprus, Sweden, Thailand to name a few. So, either moms have the same issues and challenges no matter where they are in the world, or people blindly click on any link that pops up in a random Web search.

Tell me, how did you find me and do you ever plan on coming back?


Lori said...

Thanks, Amy. I don't know about more exciting, just different!

CA Maggie said...

hi there! i found you while searching for a translation of les zombies et les... dummy that i am, i never thought to look in the liner notes - mainly because the cd itself is all i have in the car, in one of those behind-the-visor cd portfolio, separated from it's case. anyhow, i kept on reading because:

1) i'm just on auto-pilot at 1.30am in the morning from the sheer exhaustion of having a 4-year old and a newborn. i know i should go to sleep, but i'm actually so tired that it's easier to just stay exactly where i am and keep reading.

2) you write quite eloquently, and your blogs are really a pleasant read (from one mom to another), and

3) i can sooo relate to some of the things i've read in your blogs!

anyhow, you have an absolutely beautiful little girl. all the best from maggie in california :)