Monday, May 14, 2007

From Wife to Mother

I love Mother's Day Weekend.

Saturday, the Hoos took LP to "run some errands" (e.g., buy mommy a Mother's Day present) and told me to go and do whatever I want. Typically, this means I will also run errands and do things around the house that have to get done. But not this weekend! I actually made a conscious decision to do stuff for me!

This included a manicure and a pedicure (finally using the gift certificate LP got me for my birthday in September) and shoe shopping! I even resisted the urge to look in the baby section of the stores I visited.

Sunday was also all about me. I brought LP into bed with us around 8 and she snuggled and kissed me and slurbed all over my belly. The Hoos and LP gave me fantastic cards and a new watch. I also got a Barnes and Noble gift card, which I expect to be the gift that keeps on giving. I requested this so I could buy some books to read on our vacation this summer and it is assumed that I will also have time to read this books with the Hoos watching LP.

I know, this sounds totally selfish, but honestly, I think most moms do need a special day or weekend set aside when they can focus on themselves and not feel guilty about it. For some reason we always put ourselves second or third. I propose one Mother's Day a month!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

At least you got something for mothers day...I got nothing at all, I guess my taking care of two kids isnt good enough!!

Anonymous said...

I applaud your husband...please let him know. I am a SAHM of two small kids and this is the one day a year that you get to think about yourself for once. My husband did not get me a thing..not even a card. I don't need anything big, just a card and a single rose would have done. At least something to say that he thinks I am doing a good thing. So to say the least it was a very depressing mothers day for me.

AmyBow said...

These posts make me sad. Being a mom is a really hard job, and a really important job. I feel very fortunate to have a husband that recognizes and appreciates my efforts.