Monday, May 21, 2007

Always an Adventure

Finally, after living in our home for almost two years and complaining bitterly about the linoleum in the kitchen, we are getting tile installed. It only took four months and multiple visits to multiple tile stores to select and purchase tile. Today was the first day of the three day installation process.

LP and I were, as usual, scheduled to be home today. We figured it would work out well since the "tile guys" might have questions. Shortly after their arrival we discover that actually, LP shouldn't be in the house since the linoleum is not only ugly, it has some sort of asbestos in the adhesive. That means the kid and I shouldn't be hanging around the house. What is a working mom to do? Well, other working moms probably are brighter than I am, because I took LP to the office. I figured I could show her off and feed her there and kill a few hours, plus have her nap on the drive (25-miles) to and fro.

After the successful trip to the office (successful in terms of probably making the housekeeping staff hate me and wonder how they heck cooked peas got ground into the carpet), we returned home. I made sure the return trip took plenty of time and even ate a drive-trough lunch in the car to prolong LP's nap.

Still wary of being in the house (even though the tiles guys had long since left), we went for a nice long walk. The walk was longer than usual because LP kept throwing stuff out of the stroller and I was too preoccupied to notice. Usually I notice she dropped something when I run it over with the stroller or my foot, but she had gotten smarter. Now she drops stuff out to the side, meaning I don't notice it until I look down at her and notice something is missing. Like her hat. We covered the same ground several times searching down overboard items.

The day wasn't a total wash because LP has started giving kisses. Granted, they are open-mouthed and drooly, but they are given freely when I ask for them (well, when she is in the mood). Now we just have to see if she gives them to others (e.g., the Hoos)...


Selfmademom said...

You are brave to bring LP to the office! The tile sounds great!

Susan said...

We call them "goo kisses." I love them!

Susan at Working Moms Against Guilt