Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Food, Glorious Food

Figuring out what to feed LP is a constant challenge. She is a great eater and I am very lucky and I want to take advantage of the fact that there are very few foods that she turns away from (scrambled eggs).; although, she does have her favorites (sweet potato chunks, avocados). I recognize that her palette is only limited by me. And while I definitely don't want to introduce her to convenient or junk foods, I do want to expand her repertoire without making myself crazy.

Unfortunately, it isn't really feasible for LP to eat dinner at the same time as the Hoos and me. We just eat dinner too late for the little munchkin. Not that she doesn't end up sitting at the table with us and end up eating more of my dinner than I do, but ideally she will get the bulk of her dinner before the Hoos even gets home.

She usually ends up eating the leftovers from our previous night's dinner. For example, last night LP had leftover turkey meatloaf, half of a baked sweet potato cut into finger sized chunks and some corn. The Hoos and I had corn on the cob Monday night and I figured I could just cut the kernels off and give them to LP to round out her meal. Here is what ended up happening:Doesn't every 11 month old with four teeth eat corn on the cob?


Lori said...

That is great! Love the new pic in the sidebar, as well.

Audrey said...

first off... she is just a doll!! so so so cute!!!
i'm telling you - you are so lucky that LP is a good eater - my sons were difficult to feed when they were 11 months... not until 15 months did it become "easy"!!
love your blog... i see you're in conn - i'm a rhode island girl, well - mama!
check out my blog -
have a great day,