Friday, May 11, 2007

Mini-Mr. Magoo

Remember Mr. Magoo? The legally blind, perpetually naive cartoon character that always remained oblivious to how narrowly he avoided danger? This perfectly captures LP.

She woke up this morning with a whole new sense of purpose - give mommy a heart attack. She has been up since around 7 and has already tried to:

  1. Stand up on the changing table, using the wall as her support

  2. Climb out of the basket in the grocery store

  3. Use the bouncy seat as an amusement park ride, climbing up to it and sitting on her knees and bouncing up and down before attempting to climb off it over the back

I am also noticing that she is pulling herself up a hack of a lot more. Basically she is only using crawling as a means to get from one item to pull up on to another. This includes both stable, solid surfaces and fragile, movable ones. She will definitely be walking soon. And even if not that soon, definitely before I am ready.

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