Monday, May 7, 2007

Vacation: The Joy, the Fear

Everyone loves a vacation. Heck, everyone needs a vacation. But for the first time I am looking upon an upcoming vacation with more trepidation than usual. Even more than my honeymoon to Canada in December. Cold enough to freeze your inner ear, but not cold enough for lakes to freeze and offer outdoor activities.

This summer we are preparing for our first vacations with LP. She was around last summer, but not in any state to take on vacation. Or maybe it was a good time to take her on vacation since she wasn't mobile and you didn't have to entertain her much. Regardless, it would not have been a good time for the Hoos and me to go on vacation.

The first planned vacation is a camping trip with my brother-in-law and his family at the end of June. They have three kids (four, eight and 10), and we fully expect them to laugh at us as we fumble our way through sleeping in a tent and coordinating life with a one-year-old in the great outdoors. We already know that LP loves being outside, so much so that she wants to consume it. I mean this literally - she loves to eat dirt and the like. Camping should be a whole new adventure when you consider the accessibility of all sorts of non-edible but enticing things.

Now that we have the camp site reserved we are mentally filling u pthe trunk and the back seat of the car. And still we will forget things. And still we will have a great time (she types optimistically).


Anonymous said...

Wow you are brave!! I won't even go camping myself. I much prefer a Marriott and the general comforts. Have a great time and I am sure LP will love it. Maybe one day I will work up the courage to go camping again. I went once in college and it was a disaster! - Dianna

Selfmademom said...

I think it will be great. A lot easier than worrying about LP messing up a fancy hotel room. Good luck!!