Friday, March 5, 2010


AK and LP are both females, both the same astrological sign, all of the nurture elements are the same, the "recipe," so to speak was the same, and yet I am astounded by how little they have in common.

Back in the day (3.5 years ago!) LP would nurse for hours at a time. When I asked the lactation consultant a month in if it was normal for her to spend 45 minutes on each side her response was an incredulous, emphatic "NO!!"

Despite the fact that AK hasn't nursed in almost a year (WOW!!) I clearly recall her eating for less than 10 minutes total. Instead of being concerned about her getting too much, I worried she wasn't getting enough.

LP used to be a good eater, enjoying almost all of my cooking, but not necessarily adventurous. These days she eats little more more than pasta and other carbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese and yogurt, and certain fruit. Anything kind-of warm is too hot for her and she won't eat or drink it until it is stone cold.

AK will eat anything. Today she tried to drink the dregs of my latte, stole my sample of lobster bisque at Stew's, and snarfed down a sample of a hot dog about two seconds after blowing on it to make sure it wasn't hot.

Up until 2.5, LP was a champion napper. As an infant I could count on two solid naps a day, even if it was painful to get her down sometimes.

AK has never been a napper. We were lucky to get one nap as an infant and as a toddler she will nap at school - but barely ever at home.

Yessiree, make no mistake about it, I have two completely different, deliciously wonderful, daughters


Tiffany said...

My girls are totally different as well.

At 2, Mikayla would still be talking 3 hour naps, in bed at 7pm and not waking until 7 or 8am, and when she did wake up she would talk or play happily until I came into get her. I am lucky if I can get Lily to take a nap, she is normally in bed at 7pm but she will be up anywhere from 6am to 7am and Lily always wakes up crying.

Mikayla is my moody, artist and Lily is my happy, loveable, always has a smile little girl who wants to cuddle more than anything and play with her babies (this is hard to believe because Lily was very difficult until 1 1/2!)

A's Mom said...

I have a feeling A and Z are going to be like this... wait, they already are really different.