Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Setting the Tone

I start today after a really crappy night's sleep and an annoying dream. Don't you hate it when your night sets the tone for your day.

The "real" things:
  • Spring is in the air. Literally. The Hoos was loudly blowing his nose in my ear around midnight. Thanks, hun.
  • "Mommy? I want to come into your bed." Umm...no. But thanks for coming to my side of the bed so I am the one that has to get up and walk you back to your bed. At least LP went right back down.
  • A cold AK. No matter how hard I try to come up with solutions to keep AK"s blankets on her, it doesn't work. Last night I tried tucking her in under a top sheet I tucked under her crib mattress. She got out. And knocked off her blankets. And around 4 requested some assistance getting resituated.

The dream:

  • My name was Stacey.
  • I was a mom to two and wife to one.
  • I called in advance and scheduled a dentist appointment for 5:20. When they called to confirm, my husband (who may or may not have been the Hoos, who may or may not have been cheating on the real me with this Stacey chick) and kids also requested appointments.
  • They fit everyone in. When we got there, the kids went first, then the husband went while I got the kids dressed (ya, you can tell it is a dream because who gets naked for the dentist).
  • My husband then had to get dressed and took a really long time. So long that I (Stacey) missed MY dentist appointment.

I know there are some kernels of truth in this dream. Something about putting yourself first? Not getting naked at the dentist? Being wary of chicks named Stacey?

Anyway, don't you hate it wait you wake up annoyed at your partner because of something you dreamed (or when your partner wakes up made at you because of something THEY dreamed).


Mindy said...

You should try a sleep sack for her, the Halo ones are great and they go up to like 5t...at least you will know she is warm

Anonymous said...

I second the sleep sack - I've used them on both kids and they do the trick! I use the fleece, cozy sleep sacks year round.