Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Can Handle This

When I picked the girls up last night, LP specifically said to me, "I had a good day today."

Excellent. Who doesn't love to hear that?

Upon further contemplation, I am not sure I like to hear that. Because it seems that having a good day up until 5, makes a kid feel like they get waaaay more leeway after 5.

So we start the downhill roll.

I ended up carrying/dragging a coatless LP out to the car (with little mini-me clinging to my coat). The reasons were typical, she wanted water, she couldn't have water, she wasn't listening, she was pulling her friends into not listening...

As I struggled to get LP into her carseat, AK sang "Baa Baa BlackSheep" quietly to herself from her perch. She kept at it as LP called, "MAAAAMAAA! I want my MAAAMAAA!" I reminded her that, unfortunately, I was her MAAAMAAA and she was stuck with me. "DAAADDDYYY! I want my DADDDYYYY!"

I gently dialed his number into my cell, handed her the phone and told her to push the green button if she wanted to call him. And she did. And he did a masterful job at calming her down. Until he had to hang up.

About two minutes after we got into the house, LP was a changed child again. A little angel, floating around, asking AK, "Do you want to play with big sister? Yeah? Want to do a puzzle with big sister? Can you give big sister a hug?"

I live with three Geminis. Will the rest of my life be like this?

Unrelated, at 4am AK called out. When I went in to her room she was lying down with all of her blankets pushed off. As I covered her she exclaimed loudly and with absolutely no trace of tiredness, "Hi Mommy!" She didn't even really look at me, not even raising her head. After I left she went right back to sleep (or at least didn't make another peep). Weird.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Amy... 3 Geminis? You're in trouble. I gave birth to one and she is all I can handle. Happy that the other 2 members of the family are balanced Libras!