Thursday, March 4, 2010

Out of the Blue

  • LP, on the phone with my mom: "I am going to hang up because I don't want you bothering my mom." Meanwhile, my hand was out, trying to get the phone.

  • LP, on the phone with my mom: "[AK] is being a nuisance." Okay, that is my word. I call them that all the time. I think it is innocuous. Am I wrong?

  • LP, to AK: "Don't do that, dammit." When I told the Hoos this one he just shrugged and said "That's me." When I expressed surprise at his response? "It could have been worse." Like he hasn't taught them worse words?

  • AK, while making hand motions, "Rabbit. Bop. Gooo." We have been working on Little Rabbit Foo-Foo. Also known as Little Bunny Foo-Foo depending on who is doing the singing.

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