Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Quickie

Crazy storm over the weekend. Winds were close to 50 mph. Branches down in our yard, but nothing major. For us. Half of our city is without power, lots of trees still down (the parkway is open but we had to take several detours to GET to the parkway) and the public schools are closed tomorrow. Fortunately, day care will be open.

AK has been using the toilet! She will actually tell me "Pee!" or "Bathroom!" and when I bring her and sit her down she goes! She won't use the potty ring or the potty, because, you know, big sister doesn't. I am thinking of buying itty bitty pull-ups tomorrow since it is no fun to take a diaper on and off when she is standing up. Kinda crazy!

We survived the time change. Although the Hoos was a bit confused about it - which is odd for him, he must be tired. This am when AK called us at 7:45 (in adjusted time) he said, "Wow, she slept late.", she woke up EARLIER than usual. She hung out quietly in the bed with us for awhile. Until we made eye contact. Then it was all over. "HI MOMMY! HI! BIKFIST! [breakfast]" It was Hoos' turn to get up, so it wasn't so bad...

Tomorrow will be my first day home with both girls at day care. I scheduled a whole bunch of conference calls in the morning but it will be interesting to see if I get any time to myself and how much I accomplish.

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Tiffany said...

Lily is still fighting me over the potty every though I know she understands it - she just prefers her diaper. I cannot wait until May when we can hang out, outside with no diaper!