Monday, March 22, 2010

Transportation aka Going from Place to Place

For the last few weeks LP has been learning about transportation in preschool. Ask and she will tell you, "Transportation is how you get from one place to another."

One day last week they had banana boat sundaes as a special snack.

Another day a classmate READ a book about boats. Seeing "Book: Boo read Boats to the class" on LP's daily sheets made the rest of us parents wonder if we were slacking. We are still working on LP recognizing her letters - and she isn't quite ready to write from left to right yet, instead putting letters anywhere on the page they will best fit. And I am pretty sure it isn't because Boo has the book memorized. LP has books "memorized" but she makes amendments as she goes, drawing from her memory. I saw Boo read. He is advanced, we are right on par. I am okay with that.

Building on transportation, the class starting learning about "trips" and "vacation." There was a poster board on the wall with each child's name with the question, "Where have you gone on a trip?" some kids answered Disneyworld, others names states...LP? "The Fishing Store." Talk about brainwashing! The Hoos was SOOO proud.

When I picked LP up last Thursday I told her we would be taking a trip on Friday - to visit my parents in LI instead of going to school. She was psyched. Until she realized that she would be missing her class trip to Disneyworld. "It's NOT FAIR!!," she wailed. "NO! It's NOT pretend." Oh, lord. We went to my parents' house anyway. Turns out the class didn't go to the happiest place on earth physically or metaphorically anyway, their listening ears were blocked up by the sunshine and the trip was canceled.

Saturday we spent much of the GORGEOUS day outside. The Hoos was painting our garage and I was on parent patrol. I took many walks around the block with the girls. In one attempt to get them to nap I pushed them in the Sit and Stand Stroller. After pushing the 80 pounds of girls and stroller a mile, the only one that wanted a nap was me - the only one without the option!

That night both ladies slept at my in-laws. They were so excited and went to bed easily after an exhausting and nap-free day. Of course. And AK slept until LP woke her up at 8:40. The Hoos and I went out to dinner and determined we were collectively too tired from our day to make it through a movie. At least we got to sleep through the night.

Sunday the Hoos got a bit of fishing in before having to pick AK up from his parents. I went to lunch with my lovely sister-in-law (sushi and no kids - what a combination!) and LP went to see Goodnight Moon and the Runaway Bunny with her Safta at Fairfield University's Quick Center. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Last night I fell asleep on the couch to Life, the awesome new mini-series on the Discovery Channel and woke up to the exciting news of the passing of the healthcare bill (no, I don't understand all of the details or how this will specifically impact me, but I am on board if it means that more people get help when they need it). And now I am home alone, working, typing, and chilling with my medium iced decaf. Now I just need Calgon to take me away...


meg said...

are we living parallel lives? two girls... goodnight moom... i fell asleep watching life too. i'm just missing the iced coffee!
enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Time to come fly away! GG

Anonymous said...

Time to come fly away! GG