Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All Through the Night

Last night was the first Passover seder. Thirty-four of my relatives gathered at my parents' house for the reading of the Passover story and expansive traditional meal.

As usual the girls were great. LP was an awesome little helper, carrying things to the table and offering assistance to my mom as the meal progressed. AK was an amazing eater- chowing down on chopped liver, gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup, and brisket. LP saved her stomach for dessert, having several helpings of strawberry mousse.

It was a late night, and we didn't leave Long Island until after 9. The Hoos and I were hopeful that our pajama clad girls would pass out before we got onto the Expressway. Oh, how silly we are.

LP did not stop talking until we reached the Connecticut border a little after 10.

"MOMMY!! EXCUSE ME MOMMY. I HAVE A QUESTION! Mommy, why are there those barriers on the side of the road? For privacy? Like when a babysitter comes over and they go behind the wall so you can see them? I want Miss Cherine to babysit me. Then I can tell her what she can do. Like, 'Don't give [AK] oranges! They give her a bad rash.' Tomorrow, I promise to take a shower in the morning. "

Nonsensical, bizarre strings, but constant.

AK didn't last quite as long, and didn't talk at all, but her eyes were still open way longer than anticipated. Probably couldn't sleep through the chatter...

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Anonymous said...

What are your babysitters doing behind the wall? ;)