Thursday, April 1, 2010

Same Old, Same Old

No posts since I don't have anything too exciting to report.

AK continues to use the bathroom when I ask if she has to go. On occasion she will actually request to use it, but typically, if not asked, the diaper is good enough. She won't use the potty or potty ring, which makes it a bit more challenging considering her tush is the size of the palm of my hand, but it is very cute to see her perched on the toilet.

LP is maturing by the second. She can be the sweetest, most grown up little muffin at times. The other day Miss Stacey told me that LP finished her sentence when she forgot a word. "LP, what a great job, I am so..." "Impressed?" Yesterday she told my friend MLH that dinosaurs are all dead and asked me how babies get into your belly. The former was adorable, the latter was ignored and the subject was changed.

We are spending a lot of time with family this week and the girls love their cousins. At least most of the time. The cousins try to help AK and LP a lot - picking them up, cutting up their food, etc. LP actually loves the attention and let her cousins give her a bath the other night. AK, Miss Independent, not so much.

I have given up making sure the girls keep Kosher for Passover (no flour, corn, rice, etc.). AK is easier because she eats lots of protein - she took leftover brisket for lunch the last couple of days. LP, the pasta queen, never had a chance. Today she has a bagel. I feel guilty, but hopefully next year they will understand the significance and accept fruits, veggies and yogurt as a total lunch. Every day. For a week. (Can you tell I am missing my carbs?)

On the scheduling front:
  • tomorrow we are off to the Bronx Zoo. I haven't been since I was a kid and I am hopeful that the animals will be out and basking in the gorgeous weather so we can enjoy them. If you go - purchase your tix online through AAA - significant discount!
  • At the end of the month we will be heading down to our old stomping grounds, DC, for the first time since having AK. We are very exciting to see old friends and enjoy all the city has to offer.
  • And, finally, we have settled on a home for our summer vacation. We will be heading to Ogunquit, Maine for a week sometime this summer as an alternative to the Cape. If anyone has ever been and has thoughts on not-to-miss, kid-friendly activities, ice cream parlours or restaurants, let me know!


Anonymous said...

We are SO excited to see you all in a few short weeks!!! Maybe AK can inspire Ezra to use his barely touched throne!

Anonymous said...

Nice vacation choice....we loved the beach and the arty shops. Can't remember the dinner places. but your Dad will, I'm sure. Great lobster there. When do you go toMaine? GG