Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Max Destruction

My house is cozy. It does not have a family room. Instead it has a living room which serves every purpose, from television watching, to book reading and playing to being a general repository of every toy we own.

AK has an amazing ability to walk into a room and quickly assess which toys will create the biggest mess with the least amount of effort. This usually involves dumping out boxes of flashcards, pulling puzzles off the shelf, and airing out any plaything that has multiple pieces. I swear it is not because she actually wants to play with any of these items, or any items stored below these items, I really think she just likes the concept of chaos.

Every night once the girls are in bed I struggle to put the room back together. I know the effort is futile and tomorrow will bring more scattered toys, but I can't help myself. Plus, if I don't pick it up I will likely step on something and hurt myself.

1 comment:

A's Mom said...

I say you make them help pick it up. Add in a little clean up song and you got some fun. :)