Monday, January 25, 2010

Pass It On

  1. My cold. Congratulations, Hoos!
  2. The goodness. ShopRite generously sent me a $20 gift card along with my "specially marked box" of HoneyNut Cheerios (and a reuseable shopping bag). When buying myself a couple of additional boxes of cereal, I filled the bag with non-perishables (2 lb. bags of rice, beans and similar non-perishabes for .77 cents each!) and dropped it off at my local shelter along with the gift card. It felt good. Better than the picture, even.
  3. Good dental hygiene. This morning I took LP to watch the Hoos get his teeth cleaned. Better him than me. It isn't really a person at their prettiest. LP loved it and is looking forward to her own dentist appointment in March.
  4. The love. At least I think that is what LP is doing in the picture...

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