Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In Charge

Every once in a while when I am doing something incredibly mundane - like laundry, or grocery shopping, I will stop and shake my head in disbelief. Out of nowhere it hits me - I am the mom in this family. Among other things, I am responsible (with the Hoos' help and unwavering support, of course) for:
  1. providing nourishment and [healthy] snacks for four people;
  2. making sure everyone has [mostly] clean clothes;
  3. checking to see that no ones panties are too tight or pants are too short;
  4. ensuring (compulsively) that our bills are being paid, our checking account has funds and our savings accounts are growing;
  5. straightening out scrunched up clothes wedged into dresser drawers and switching said clothes out when the seasons change;
  6. offering a shoulder to cry on, an angry glare to run from and scolding words to learn from;
  7. entertainment in the middle of the chaos and distraction in moments of boredom;
  8. producing snacks and various toys from my seemingly bottomless pocketbook in a moments notice;
  9. apprising my children's health (with no medical training) and determining the appropriate course of action;
  10. the health, happiness and welfare of two of the most beautiful and precious gifts I could ever imagine.

So I stop and think, when did something so extraordinary become so...ordinary?

Don't get me wrong there are many exceptional moments and millions of bright and wonderful moments in our future...but the day-to-day is just that. Being a mom has become my comfort zone. Whoa.


Anonymous said...

I know! Isn't it crazy? I, too, find myself saying, "wait, I'm the mommy? How did that happen?!" The ordinary is pretty awesome, though, isn't it?

FC Mom said...

Wow, Amy. I like this post. Short but profound.

Having a little one (or ones) does put new... weight on mundane activities! They depend on us for food and clothe that fit... the basics, but things they could never do on their own.