Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lost and Found

You know, there is a reason they make 'mom jeans.' And the reason is that there are these things known as 'mom bodies.'

When I had AK about 19 months ago, I lost a few things. First, and most fortunately, the baby weight. I didn't necessarily lose it from the places I had gained it, but at least the numbers on the scale returned to a range I was comfortable with.

However, I also lost elasticity in my belly. With LP I knew the skin pouch was going to be put to good use again soon as we anticipated having another child; after AK we are still not sure and, well, I think I would like to have a less dimpled, less stretch-marked belly while I decide.

Last night in the shower, LP asked me how I grew so much skin on my belly, so, apparently, I have also lost any sense of dignity.

At this point I have also lost any hope of finding jeans that fit. Low rise is all the rage. Low rise means that I have a bubble of skin hanging over the sides of jeans, as well over the front. Doesn't that sound so pretty? Is the thinking that people won't notice because they are distracted by my arse, which is also hanging out?

Mid-rise jeans are apparently the new mom jean. They are impossible to find and because they cover so much more than the "typical" jean on the street, you feel like everyone must think you are wearing mom jeans. While they don't go high enough to double as a brassiere, it looks like they might, but mostly because your boobs hang so low...

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Tiffany said...

I don't have any mom jeans and the weight is now back to pre-baby weight but the clothes and the tummy are just not the same!