Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Nose Nos!

My sweet, angelic AK has a troubling new activity. She sticks things up her nose.

Not just her finger - which is bad enough - but her food. Peas, corn, whatever is handy. Last night I caught her trying to put a piece of grape tomato up her nose. I thought I had stopped her, but after tilting back her head and recognizing something red a bit further up, I realized I had only caught the second piece. Fortunately, my pinky finger is small enough and the nail on it is long enough that I was able to drag the tomato back out.

AK thought this was so funny and entertaining. She then tried to shove an entire meatball up her nose while I watched. Fortunately the meatball was way too big. Some time later, well after the girls were done with dinner, she sneezed. As I approached with a tissue she held out a slimy, snot-covered piece of tomato.

The Hoos and I are at a bit of a loss in discouraging this behavior. We yell at her and tell her no, but it doesn't really resonate. I am hoping this doesn't mean I have to watch her like a hawk whenever food is around, because, to be honest, meal time typically means "free time" (and by "free" I mean time to pee, or prepare lunches, or get my dinner in the oven).

In positive news, we don't need no stinking BuhBee in our house! Friday night I resolved to hold out and not give AK her paci. Since then we have been pacifier free. Bed time takes about 10 extra minutes but the challenge has been the morning. We used to be able to give AK the paci and get an extra half hour of sleep. Saturday she was up at 6:50 and insistent on starting her day. Sunday was a more reasonable 7:30. Hopefully by next week she will be sleeping until closer to 8 on the weekends.


Anonymous said...

Ha! At least it's food & biodegradable. Josh's co-worker's son put a paperclip up his nose! He was OK but it was quite an ordeal.

I think if you're just consistant & tell her no & take the food away, then she'll stop.. but I'm just guessing, because my little angels ;-) never did that!


A's Mom said...

That's so funny that you used this title for an entry. I was thinking of using this but for another reason. Mom's sense of smell. :)

Tiffany said...

I hate the time when it is time to get rid of the binky. But actually with both girls it was easier than I thought it would be. Now if I could just get rid of the bottle we would be all set.

FC Mom said...

Oh my, a paperclip? sounds like worst case scenario. My friend's little sis put a peanut up her nose!