Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Retrospect

Looking back, the Hoos and I used to BOTH give LP a bath when she was an infant/early toddler. "Both" not as in taking turns, but "both" as in - he took her top half and I took her bottom half. Ridiculous, right? Especially considering that up until she was 18 months or so we used to bathe her in our kitchen sink (remember this video?).

Nowadays, and really since AK was six months old, the only "both" involved in bath time is that "both" girls are bathed at the same time. There isn't really enough room in our bathroom for us to tag team this activity and, honestly, there are about a million other things the extra set of hands could be doing instead of cluttering up the pink bathroom. Too bad it took us two kid to figure this out.

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