Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Only Me

Last night after my group shower (during which LP told me how unlucky the Hoos was because he "has to shower all by himself. Not like us three ladies!"), the Hoos was struggling to get AK dressed. She kept squirming her little tiny nekkid tushy around, insistently requesting Mommy.

After the Hoos completed his mission, I put AK to bed while he dealt with LP. Suffice it to say when we both retired downstairs a few minutes later, no one was actually asleep. And the girls figured out how to play off one another, chanting "Mommy!" back and forth. Like it was really going to make me come back upstairs.

Okay, it worked. How can you not respond to rhythmic chanting of your "name" by two adorable, giggling munchkins?

As I walked into LP's room she quietly asked, "Mama? I have a question. Where do puppies come from? From their mommies bellies? I mean, their vaginas?"

Really?! This is the type of question that keeps her up at night? The type of question that she reserves for Mommy?

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