Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I am a Bad Neighbor

So as I was taking Dee on her first sojourn to "Leonard's," the world's largest dairy store, we noticed a dead squirrel on the street near our house. As we quickly navigated the store (Dee still hasn't had her shots so I kept her close in the Bjorn and moved fast) I pondered what to do about the deceased rodent.

I came up with 3 options:
  1. Leave it there and hope that it got run over and demolished to the point where it wasn't recognizable
  2. Wait until 8 tonight when the Hoos gets home and make him deal with it (this is typically my policy with the mice that a neighborhood cat gifts us with and leaves on our back patio)
  3. Or, use a really long-handled shovel to move it (but where? not into the garbage can, that is for sure!)
Realizing that the neighbors on the other side of the street are out of town today, I opted for a hybrid of 1 and 3. I pushed the rigored squirrel to the other side of the street, closer to their property. I figure for the price of taking in their mail, they (or their landscapers) could deal with it, should it not be obliterated sooner.

In adorable child news, the girls are both doing great. LP was thrilled to receive the "American Girl" catalogue (which she affectionately calls 'the baby book') in the mail yesterday. In it are toy horses. After telling me that she had a horse, I asked its name. She mumbled something unintelligible and I asked her to repeat it. Again, I had no clue. "Mommy, the farmer! Neigh, neigh here!" So I guess the name of her horse is Neighneighhere. Man, the kid is awesome.


KiKi said...

Should've called me. My cousin from North Carolina's in town - she considers squirrels to be a delicacy. Ew.

Wenderina said...

Ew. gross. I would have studiously ignored it. I can't face such grimy real-world stuff.