Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Whole New World

When I was on maternity leave with LP we hadn't lived in Norwalk even a year. I didn't know many people and suffice it to say my leave was tiring and really really boring.

The good news on the exhaustion front is that so far I have found it to be more manageable the second time around. Dee is a good sleeper - going for four or five hours for the first stretch of the night. This really helps. I am not napping at all - which I did frequently the first time around, although that could have been a result of boredom too.

This maternity leave has been different. Even though I don't like to take Dee to enclosed public places yet (August 4th and her shots can't come soon enough) I have still been interacting with other adults quite a bit.

I have had at least two visits and several phone calls with friends from work in addition to frequent emails. And, on two separate occasions this week alone, Dee and I hung out with other moms from LP's day care at their homes. We also hung out with my parents and my mother-in-law. In addition, most days when I pick LP up from school we go and hang out on the playground and usually end up chatting with LP's classmates and their parents.

Thursday I found myself driving around with a big smile, despite the drenching rain. It suddenly dawned on me: I have friends. Wow. Awesome.

An amendment - not to say that I didn't have friends before, but they just didn't really live locally. I am not forgetting about you folks in NY, VA, DC and everywhere else! - I hope you don't forget about me either...


A's Mom said...

Isn't it amazing how friends can make a difference? I know after Little Man A was born, I had a great friend next door who would help me at a moments notice. Now that we've moved, I at least have the park nearby, stores within walking distance, and of course, Gymboree. But having friends around really help the most!

DaisyJo_Mom said...

...and what a great friend you are. Thanks so much for bringing over lunch after my surgery. It was nice to see you and have company. Dee is just a doll!