Friday, July 18, 2008

Procter & Gamble is the Devil

This post has been a long time coming. Since LP was born we have always used Pampers diapers and wipes. We have spent lots and lots of money on Pampers - more than I would want to calculate or admit to. I buy them knowing they are the expensive brand because I believe they work better than other products. Despite their current UNICEF campaign and attempts to be goody-goody, I am starting to feel as if their marketing and product development people are solely focused on charging more money for less product with every new product and box size.

The main target of my ire is the Swipers product. These came out maybe a year ago. Supposedly they are thicker than your average wipe. Because they are thicker, fewer are sold in a package. I am sure they have research to say that thicker wipes mean people will use less, so it is break even for the consumer.

P&G apparently only interviewed moms to come to this conclusion. Sure, I try to use wipes as economically as possible. I fold them to maximize usage so as not to be wasteful. For me, thicker MIGHT mean using one wipe where I used to use two.

Unfortunately, this is not the way the Hoos operates. Dare I say this is the way MOST husbands operate. It seems that men are so frightened of getting diaper fluids on their skin that they use as many wipes as possible to avoid any chance of transfer. I am suspicious that the Hoos uses two wipes for pee diapers. And we have two girls so one is not used for protection.

Suffice it to say I am finally using another brand for wipes. Kirkland, here we come! So far, so good. So much so that I am actually considering trying another type of diaper...


A's Mom said...

Since Little Man has been born, I've been tearing the wipes in half. For a normal BM, I use maybe 2 wipes tops! For p-p diapers, we use one to cover and one to wipe.

As for diapers, I've switched to LUVS for the past year or so. They even have the same baby powder scent that I loved about Pampers. Give them a try!

Manager Mom said...

You know what? I have NEVER bought a Kirkland product that has not greatly impressed me with its quality.

That's funny though.. I still buy wipes for the kids to aid in the self cleaning of their #2s (sorry to be gross). My daughter will use one, the boy child goes through half a box...

Anonymous said...

Hubby's and wipe waste go hand in hand. That's a fact.

We used to use Kirkland brand wipes, but since our second girl had very sensitive skin we had to stop and go for pampers sensitive.

As for the diapers, don't bother. Believe me when I say I tried other diapers to no avail. I just ended up using more diapers than I would with the pampers, so the others ended up being a waste of money anyway.