Thursday, July 10, 2008


LP has so much energy; I wish I could borrow some of it. Although, truth be told, considering I am usually operating on 4 or 5 hours of sleep, I seem to have some energy reserves that I am making use of. But that is to just get by, LP's energy is used for leaping and bounding and causing trouble.

Yesterday I kept LP home from day care because my parents were going to up from LI for the day. To say she was very excited for 'Nma's and Papa's visit would be an understatement.

Shortly before they arrived she decided to clean my bathroom. This involved an empty spray bottle, the bottom half of a Swiffer Sweeper, and apparently, an entire bottle of shampoo. I was sitting on the living room floor pumping when I overheard her say "shampoo". I untangled myself to discover her pumping the huge bottle of baby shampoo onto her hands and lathering it up exclaiming, "Washy washy!" As I attempted to rinse her off she played in the millions of bubbles gathering in the sink thanks to her overly soapy hands. Once done with this she proceeded to paint the walls with the shampoo that missed her hands and coated the floor. Good times.

After a fun-filled day with her grandparents, it was time for LP to go to bed. About 40 minutes later I went to check on her and while I could see her laying peacefully in her bed, it was unusually quiet. Being a bit paranoid I crept in to feel her chest to make sure all was well. As I left I didn't shut the gate at her bedroom door, figuring the Hoos would be home soon and want to give her a kiss. Five minutes later, I hear the distinct sounds of a toddler slinking her way down the stairs. Wouldn't you know it? The little stinker was wide awake watching me check on her (my eyes weren't adjusted to the dark) and took advantage of the open gate.

In Baby Dee news, she took a bottle with expressed milk for the first time yesterday. I am attempting to pump at least once a day to alleviate some of the stress to produce when I return to work. With LP I remember begging my breasts to "please please please give up just one more ounce so my baby wouldn't be hungry the next day..."

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Anonymous said...

LP is quite the little character. I'd say you've got your hands full, but it always annoys me when people say that! Keep on trucking!