Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chatty Cathy

Many moons ago I wrote about how I would like more information on what LP does with her days when she is at day care. During the past year or so the notes from the teachers have had more details since the kids are more interactive and actually partake in activities, as opposed to cry, eat, sleep or hang out like little lumpkins.

Most recently LP's daily reports have included notes of what she talked about all day. It just cracks me up to think of my little munchkin giving monologues to whomever will listen. Some examples:
  • All of the kids in her class know "Baby Dee". Whenever they see me come in with Dee they all run over calling her name because LP talks about her little sister incessantly.
  • Two weeks ago the teachers asked me what LP calls her grandparents. My in-laws are "Saba" and "Savta" (Hebrew for grandma and grandpa). Apparently LP chatted about going to the beach with Saba and "Sassa" all day and they couldn't really figure out what she was talking about.
  • Last weekend LP had "water play" with her cousins at their house. This included a sprinkler, slip-n-slide, and kiddy pool. Everyone had a great time, especially LP. The next day when I picked LP up at school the teachers asked me what her cousins names were. Again, since their names are Hebrew and not common English names the teachers weren't really sure WHO she played with but they definitely understood that she had a great time.
  • Yesterday the note remarked that LP talked on and on about the "baseball game." Saturday night we took the girls to their first Bridgeport Bluefish game. Dee slept the entire time, and LP freaked out any time she saw the mascot, but I guess it made an impression.

I just can't believe how grown up LP is getting. Now, not only does she have experiences that I am not a part of at day care, but she has conversations that other people can understand and appreciate. Amazing.

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A's Mom said...

I guess the two year mark is when things really start to blossom for our little munchkins. Can't wait to hear what Little A has to say about his daily occurrences.