Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Summer Project

A full seven weeks in to my maternity leave and yesterday I finally started my summer project. Yes, a project other than the adorable one that is starting to smile and is all cute and mooshy.

I am creating a book of my blog. No, not the kind of book I am going to sell for millions. Just a printed archive of my blog in a semi-snazzy layout. I am more than 400 posts into this blog; I would hate for Blogger to implode and lose the entire thing. I also think this book would be a nice memento for my girls when they grow up.

So far I worked on it for a few hours yesterday, cutting and pasting into a layout program starting with posting #1 from mid-January 2007. I got up to the beginning of March 2007. This is a tedious process, and I haven't even been adding pictures or jazzing up the layout. And it is already 30 5.5x8.5 pages.

This could go from being my Summer 2008 project to being my 2008 project.


Wenderina said...

If you end up with some spectacular Highlight Posts - you could hire A's Mom to do a special scrapbook series for you (one for LP, one for Dee, or one/year, one/100 posts..)

I know. I know. I'm always marketing something.

Lori said...

I have thought of doing this too, but have never been able to print out my posts or copy/paste them easily. What format/layout are you using?

3XMom said...

Are using blurb? I am having a hard time changing the layout. Every page has 3 or 4 pictures down the right side. I don't have to fill them, but I would like more flexibility on where my pictures go. Any advice?

AmyBow said...

I am doing the whole project manually - copying the stuff into InDesign (Adobe layout software). I didn't know there was an easier way and will check out Blurb.

KiKi said...

What a great idea! You have the link to my website, I'll be expecting one for myself too ;P

Do you have Adobe writer on your computer? If so, you can convert page to pdf (with editable text) if you're not concerned with changing the layout from how it's already on the page.

A's Mom said...

Sounds like it's going to be a great finished project though. One that your girls will be sure to enjoy!

A's Mom said...

Oh yeah! And I really like Wenderina's idea too! :)