Monday, July 21, 2008

Cuteness: A Defense Mechanism

How many times a week do you find yourself thinking, "It is a good thing s/he is cute!" about your kid? More times than you can count probably - especially if you have a toddler. Take, for example, yesterday's incident.

LP greeted me in the kitchen when I returned from the grocery store. She noticed a box of cereal and deftly removed it from my reusable 'Solutions for Life' grocery bag. While I put the other purchases away, she managed to tear open the box and bag and dump all of the contents on the floor. Apparently, she was attempting to pour some into a bowl she had set up alongside it. After making some noises of exasperation, I sent her to the Hoos so I would not injure her.

Five minutes later she returns to the kitchen where I am now cleaning up aforementioned cereal, stands in front of me and holds her hands up in a questioning manner and asks, "What you do, Mommy?"


Wenderina said...

What I really want to know is if you apply the 5-second rule and put the cereal back in the box for her to eat in future? I would. Cereal is damned expensive.

Robyn said...

LOL! I needed that.

Bear always claims that Mommy made the mess, not him.

Billie said...

I think that on numerous occasions while I am trying not to strangle the step-children.

The latest that has gotten my ire up was over lunch on Sunday. I am making lunch. They come up to me and say they are hungry. I tell them to wait until lunch is ready. One starts having a little hissy fit then goes on to say they don't like what I am making. Have you ever had it? No... then how do you know if you will like it or not.

15 or 20 minutes later lunch is being served. Now, one of the kids (who didn't actually get anything when they asked prior) is now longer hungry and eats almost nothing despite liking said lunch. And they wondered why I didn't feed them right before lunch! ARGH!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, they can get so very creative when trying to manipulate their way around their disasters! So cute!

KiKi said...

Bad mommy.

Hooo haaa haaa, this is so priceless. Mark this one in your printed book as a "special" entry.