Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Cherry on Top

Yesterday I had a real treat. My two best work friends, Kiki and Wenderina, came to visit me and the girls. It was wonderful to see them in particular and just nice to talk to adults in general. I made us some dinner and we were entertained by LP as we enjoyed ziti and chocolate chip cookies.

I definitely felt silly when these two beautiful, well-put together, professional women asked me what I did all day. It is kind of embarrassing to try to put into words that, in essence, during the bulk of the day I do nothing. They knew I wasn't reading books because I asked them to bring me some, they also knew I wasn't watching TV or taking Dee out and about. "Umm, well...I change diapers, and nurse...and blogs...."

I admit I am eagerly waiting for Dee's first shots on August 4th so that we can go into stores and the like. But that still doesn't mean my days will have fun-filled adventures. My life does seem to have one exciting moment after the next, but most of these have to do with my fantastic daughters developing. I think perhaps after spending a few hours being entertained by LP, my friends understand this too. After they left she kept asking me, "Where Kiki go? Wenny come back for party?"


Wenderina said...

You know we don't think you do nothing all day right? You know we think you are doing good and important mom, wife, home-maker things? You know we are secretly jealous that your life (at the moment) has a very clear purpose with not a lot of political, professional, stupid junk distracting you?

We'll come visit again and bring more work gossip and other nonsense and you can smile at us "put together professional women" and realize we are dying to trade places.

Tiffany said...

You know the not having Lily's shots did not stop me from going anywhere - but I live in a much smaller town. You could always venture to the park or go for a walk if you want to avoid people in enclosed spaces.

KiKi said...

I must say, I was very disappointed to not come over and see you lounging in a hammock with cucumbers over your eyes while we oohed and ahhed over your fresh manicure/pedicure and marvelous suntan.

As if!!

I was actually relieved to see that you seemed to be in a very good place, enjoying your time off and hanging with the loveable LP and delightful Dee. For some reason I pictured you running around like a maniac, chasing an active toddler while simultaneously trying to nurse a newborn, cook meals, forward work emails, blog, and other chores - with barely any time for yourself. I was so happy to hear otherwise. We'll be back soon to munch more cookies and sit on your comfy couch. A gal can get used to hanging around your very cozy digs...