Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Job Description

Remember when you were first out of college and searching for gainful employment and you naively thought that a job description would neatly encapsulate all of the responsibilities of a job? Of course it is all of the other tasks that you undertake that end up not only making up the bulk of the job, but make you a better employee and more employable.

I was a little more worldly by the time I became a mother but it still makes me chuckle to think of all of the things that would purposely be left out of the job requirements for this role. Every day I complete a new activity that should have seemed obvious when I decided to embrace the joys of motherhood, but somehow didn't make it into my consciousness.

Today's addition to the mom description, the selfless, under appreciated task of scrubbing poop stains out of clothing.

What are some of the tasks that you didn't realize came with the position of "mom" (or dad for that matter)?

Robyn reminded me in the comments, here are some of the other duties I became aware of over the last 2+ years:


Robyn said...

Oohh, good question! Hmmm, nose picker, boo-boo kisser, vomit catcher (and cleaner), funny sounds-maker, singer/songwriter and best person in the world (in my son's eyes!).

Smilf said...

Since it's allergy season I have to go with wiping snot up off of hardwood floors. Appetizing huh?

KiKi said...

Food Psychic (to read Zeze's mind about which food she will actually eat rather than toss) cum Gourmet Chef to prepare smiley pancakes or artfully disguise veggies to appease the discriminating toddler palatte.