Monday, June 16, 2008

Shape Shifting

I am having a hard time adjusting my wardrobe to my ever-evolving body and all of its (and my) requirements.

The Usual. Typically I am a jeans a t-shirt kind of girl. I like to be comfortable and casual. I step it up slightly (but admittedly not much) for work. Because LP slobbers, snots or dumps food on me often, most of my clothes tend to be easy to wash.

The Preggo. When you are pregnant, you wear maternity clothes. They can be loose early on to cover your expanding, but not-quite-yet-pregnant-looking body or they can be tight to show off your ripening shape. I went with the tight because I carried Dee straight out in front of me and trapeze shirts and the like made me look like a circus tent. I don't need help looking short and dumpy.

And Now. Fortunately I have lost about 20 of the 30 or so pounds I put on while gestating Dee. Unfortunately, it takes much longer to lose the post-baby-skin. In fact, I don't think I ever really lost the pouch I had acquired from LP. It did shrink a bit though.

In addition to having to figure out how best to hide my stomach flap (do you tuck it in?) I also have the good fortune of needing to wear nursing pads. Dee has such an erratic eating schedule that I leak way more frequently than I did with LP. Without the absorbent circles in my bra I live in constant fear that I will have growing wet circles on the front of my shirt. And let me reassure you, this is no wet t-shirt contest that anyone wants to participate in or watch.

Between the pouch and the circles, I think I look like Jabba the Hut wearing pasties.

You would think that there would be SOMETHING in my closet or multiple dressers that would not only cover but potentially (dare I say) flatter me. You would be wrong. My maternity clothes continue to be tight across the chest (the extra padding on my stomach has moved to my breasts), highlighting the hot hot hot nursing pads. My non-maternity clothes aren't baggy across the middle, highlighting the fabulous muffin top created by my post-maternity flab.

At this point, Dee and LP are my best accessories and I hope to use them as camouflage as much as possible. Even better, the Hoos thinks I look great. That goes a long way to helping me feel better about my shape-shifting. That being said, I still wouldn't mind having more then two shirts and one pair of maternity shorts to wear out in public.


KiKi said...

I can't imagine you looking anything other than FAB-YEW-LES. Though the whole "Jabba the Hut wearing pasties" thing made me crack a rib laughing.

Wenderina said...

A - I'm sure you look so great. But I would think the new blouses with the gathered/scoop necks and the loose waste drape would be fun, flirty, and fit you great. It just means you have to go SHOPPING for something new for YOU!

Wenderina said...

oops - I meant waist drape...waste drape just sounds disgusting.

Tiffany said...

After I had Lily my maternity clothes did not fit because instead of the pregnancy belly I had flab in other places! To hide the nursing pads when I had to be out in public I did and still do the bra, tank top with built in bra, then my shirt. A lot of times since my boobs are so small (even while nursing) I just skip the bra and it makes nursing in public super easy.