Monday, June 9, 2008

Still Here

Here I am! Today is my first day home alone with Dee and I must say, I forgot how simple the newborn life is. Sure, she likes to eat every two hours between 9pm and 9am, but the rest of the time, life is pretty chill. I don't have to dream up creative ways to help her expend energy inside the house (since the 100+ temperature does not lend itself to outdoor activity), I don't have to be too entertaining, I can put her down in one place and not worry that she is running amok while I take a 2 minute shower...the list goes on and on.

That being said, I appreciate the sweet, fun, personality-filled LP even more. She is really such a joy, learning new terms and concepts and loving her little sister. LP is so great with her sister, kissing and hugging her. The first thing she wants to do every morning is see Dee. Saturday she spent an hour running through the sprinkler with the Hoos and both of them had the best time. I was jealous watching them through the window, but also overcome with love for my family.

I have been doing my best to make time for LP so as to keep the green-eyed monster at bay. Saturday, I took her shoe shopping. Seriously, I think all little girls love shoe shopping. What is there not to like? She really needed new sandals. The Keds I bought online run a little too narrow for her luscious feet and despite the fact that she wears Crocs around the house all the time, I don't think they are appropriate for school. Hopefully the practically never-been-worn Keds will fit Dee's skinny little feet when she is a toddler.

Speaking of skinny feet, Dee is back up to her birth weight - hurrah! We had three weight checks since taking her home from the hospital and I am thrilled to report that she is up to 7lbs, 6ozs. She is still a lean little thing, but scrumptious to nibble on nevertheless.


A's Mom said...

You're making it seem like it's too easy to have 2 kids...

Wenderina said...

Just remember A's mom - Amybow has DAYCARE for LP.