Thursday, June 26, 2008


Houston, we have a problem.

LP doesn't listen. Okay, all of your experienced parents can stop laughing and saying, "What else is new?" We can yell, scream, threaten and occasionally resort to a light spanking. All for naught.

And we don't just yell for the heck of it. Yesterday, she ran out of the playground (the gate was left open by mistake) and almost into the parking lot. I yelled her name and called for her to stop and she just kept going. Thank goodness for JM's mom who she managed to catch LP (the Baby Bjorn is a great invention, but it is not easy to run when a newborn is strapped to your chest) before she reached the parking lot.

The other day I told her, firmly, several times not to tickle (e.g., attempt to gouge Dee's eyes out while saying "ticka, ticka!") her sister's face. I also told her to stop or I would spank her. She completely ignored me. In fact, when I did end up spanking her she laughed, grabbed Dee's face again, turned, looked at me, and pointed to her tush, "Spank me?"

In addition, apparently she is getting a little more agressive at school. One of her teachers told me yesterday that they averted several attempted biting incidents. Lovely.

I know she is acting out due to the changes in her life. And we are going out of our way to shower LP with attention, but I do wonder if there is something else we can do. At what point does discipline work? She is two...I am so not into the "time out" thing, but have other people found it to be effective?

And, of course, LP continues to be incredibly cute, which makes it really difficult to stay mad at her for long.


That Chick Over There said...

God makes puppies and children adorable so we don't throw them out with the bathwater.

KiKi said...

Ahhh... it's the cute ones that get you every time.

Time out works for Zeze because she needs to be the center of attention at all times. Doesn't work for my niece and nephew, though.

Anonymous said...

"...she laughed, grabbed Dee's face again, turned, looked at me, and pointed to her tush, "Spank me?"..." Holy smokes, that is sassy but so freakin' adorable!

Um, time outs... didn't seem to work that well at LP's age, not with our now four year old or two and a half year old.

Our second still responds better to diversion and insistent reiteration. Tuff and patience-trying to say the least, but functional.