Monday, June 23, 2008

Free Show! See More!

Someone (hmmm...) taught LP the word "naked" and now she uses it whenever she sees a flash of skin. For example, a gentleman jogging in our neighborhood in 90 degree heat with his shirt off - LP will point and loudly exclaim "Naked!!" We are not sure if teaching her the term "topless" will be a step up or a step down. Hopefully she will not have occasion to use either of these words at school or we may have a visit from CPS.

LP has also determined that she not only enjoys removing her clothes, but she really enjoys the anxiety this causes the Hoos and me. Each time we put her down for a nap this weekend we would go upstairs to check on her and discover that clothing was either completely askew (e.g., dress on inside out and backwards) or totally removed. As adorable as it is to see a cute little tush, it is not particularly cute to see your not-even-close-to-potty-trained daughter bottomless and fast asleep on the floor. I have taken to sticking absorbent mattress pads under her in case of an accident.

Nap time is not the only time LP has deemed it appropriate to strip. The other night the Hoos found LP standing on her bed well after her bedtime without a shirt on. She just grinned at him like the Cheshire Cat when he discovered her.

So far Dee has not shown a proclivity toward nudity, but we are sure this is a lesson her big sister is itching to pass on.


Anonymous said...

I can just imagine that cute little face enjoying every minute of flashing her little tush! So cute, but yes,at times it can be harrowing, especially if you have carpeted rooms.

Tiffany said...

Mikayla loves to be the naked baby. She will go potty then leave her panties and pants on the floor stating that she wants to be the naked baby. Now that she is getting older she is learning that she cannot go outside naked or if someone comes over she has to put clothes on.

She has trouble getting her shirt off so normally that stays on - unless it is just after a bath.

Stamford Talk said...

My nephews like to play "naked booty" by running around in their underwear/diaper. "Mom, can I play naked booty?"
"OK, just until dinnertime."
I think it's funny they think of it as an activity rather than just being clothes-less.
I always thought it would sound odd to an outsider, but sounds like any parent would understand!