Friday, June 6, 2008

Introducing Baby Dee

Here is a close up of my second little bunny munchkin. We all continue to do well and Dee is simply fabulous. "Dee" is a derivation of what LP calls her baby sister.

Not to get into too much detail on her birth story, but here are some highlights. I was only in labor for 2.5 hours, and only at the hospital for an hour and a half of that. My doctor had told me to call in as soon as my contractions were five-six minutes apart. The time between my first and second contraction was closer to four minutes and they only picked up from there. We got to the hospital around 9pm.

About 40 minutes later I moved and one of my monitors fell off. When the Hoos returned with the nurse he proceeded to have a conversation with her about if Bun would be born on 6/1 or 6/2 (by now it was 10pm on 6/1). She was pretty confident that since my water hadn't broken yet we had a few hours to go. Literally 30 seconds later, my water broke.

Suffice it to say that 25 minutes after my water broke my beautiful baby girl was on my chest. The doctor on call from my practice made it into the delivery room for my last push - and she delivered Dee without gloves.

Dee was born with "a true knot" in her cord. Apparently this is unusual, but it had no ill effects on her. Her Apgars were 9 and 9 and she is very alert when she is actually awake. I had no recollection that newborns slept so much. I think I am just used to LP who is a wonderful little ball of energy.

LP loves her little sister and covers her with kisses and slobber. I think the Hoos and I feel more guilty than LP feels jealous. Of course that could all change in a heartbeat. We continue to play everything by ear and just soak in all of the love in our little family of four.


A's Mom said...

Welcome Dee to blogger world! She's beautiful. Enjoy every moment.... as you well know, it's goes by way too fast.

Wenderina said...

For maybe the 3rd time in my entire life, I'm rethinking this whole no kids thing. It will pass. But damn right now it all sounds/looks/seems too good to pass up.

Time to update your profile - it only says you are mom to ONE energetic little girl.

Meg said...

Yay! What wonderful news, Amy! Can't wait to meet Dee in person. At TB today, LP was her happy self... she woke up for nap before MK and was sitting next to MK willing for her to wake up (then she moved on to tickling her toes. It was so cute. Hope you're feeling well. Enjoy the girls!

KiKi said...

I'm glad your labor was very quick (and relatively easy?) She is such a darling. I can't wait to meet her in person, but for now I'll be satisfied with blog updates. (Unless you need a babysitter tomorrow.)

Manager Mom said...

OH!!! I am behind on stuff! Welcome to the world, baby Dee, and congrats to Mommy and the whole family!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy! She's beautiful!

Congratulations as you spend time bonding with Dee and your little family! These are precious moments that you will remember forever!

So glad that LP is taking to her new baby sister so well. That's awesome. Also glad that the delivery went well. I am so happy for you. Go, Mama!