Friday, June 8, 2007

Report Card Time

A couple of weeks ago, LP's day care had parent-teacher conferences. I had never experienced parent-teacher conferences as a parent before and didn't really anticipate doing this for a one year old. It was enlightening and enjoyable - as much for its novelty as it was nice to talk about LP (just give me an opening!).

The topics centered around her developmental progress in terms of interaction, movement, emotion, and communication. I actually received a written "report card" which included the following points of feedback:
  • When LP is being fed and we take too long she gets upset
  • Seeks familiar face when around new people and in new situations
  • Has brief encounters with other children
  • Imitates and exchanges sounds with other people

Some of our discussion also included the detail that LP is very observant and uses information to get what she wants. For instance, if she notices another child cry and get attention she will assess the situation and actually decide to fake cry in order to get attention. She does a similar trick when one of her favorite teachers walks into the room. As soon as the poor woman walks in the door, LP pretends to cry so the teacher immediately walks over to her.

All of this information was great, and I was really appreciative for the opportunity since I don't know too much about how LP interacts with other children or how she acts when her mommy isn't around. At the end, the lead teacher asked if I had any questions and I hadn't thought enough about it to ask anything meaningful. What I should have asked is for the teacher's opinion on LP's personality - is she a leader? A follower? A class clown? I have my opinions; for instance, any time someone picks her up she lays her head on their shoulder - is this doesn't epitomize a loving kid, I don't know what does; but again, I am observing her as a parent without a basis for comparison.

Then again, how much more information do I need? However she is, she is perfect. Just ask her grandparents.

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