Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pitter Patter

Over the last year I have bought LP several pairs of shoes. I buy these shoes because they are cute and typically cost less than $5. Well, you get what you pay for! I finally decided it was time to get her some foot coverings that would actually stay on, were easy to put on and wouldn't hurt her feet.

I solicited advice from the other moms from LP's day care and I received lots of ideas. Just about everyone reminded me that barefoot is best. Well, then why is my kid the only one that is always barefoot at day care? This is one of the reasons I was looking to buy LP shoes! Whatever, it wasn't the only reason. I realized the other day that when we stopped by the playground after school to visit one of LP's friends, I couldn't put her down. Her feet were bare - she didn't even have socks on.

Anyway, I decided to get LP a pair of Pedipeds. They were recommended by several moms, they were soft, lightweight and cute; more importantly, after checking them out myself, it appeared they would stay on. Here's hoping that this was $29.95 well spent!

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Molly said...

They are very cute shoes but very expensive!! I always used to go to Burlington Coat Factory to get Ned shoes and I don't think I have ever spent that much on one pair yet but I am sure I will as he gets older.

Funny how other moms give you advice and then don't do these things themselves!