Friday, June 15, 2007

Double Standard

Today was supposed to be like any other Friday when I am home with LP. The exception is that I am not working at all, because I have to use up my optional holidays by July 1. This meant no rushing to check email and voicemail and no worrying about work.

According to the Hoos, on the days he has to bring LP to day care she sleeps until 8:15 or at least entertains herself until he goes in a scoops her up to get ready for school about that time. Therefore, I was looking forward to sleeping until 8 or so, giving me enough time to get up and shower before LP was ready for her breakfast.

At 7:15 baby girl made some sounds. In a very un-Hoos like manner, the Hoos got out of bed to look in on her and put a blanket on her. He was cold so he figured she must be too. The way he explains it, as he was pulling a blanket up on her, she jumped up onto all fours and held her arms out to him in an "up, daddy!" motion. Of course, he had to respond by picking her up. He insists this has nothing to do with the fact that she was already asleep by the time he got home last night and he missed her.

I am not sure how it is possible that on Daddy days, LP sleeps until 8:15 and on Mommy Days and weekends she sleeps until 7:15. Does she have a sixth sense? Or does the Hoos have some unexplained power to keep baby content until he is ready? Anyone?

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