Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Name for People Like Me

We have reorganized several times at my current job. I have always belonged to the same team and reported to the same people, but colleagues have come and gone. Only during the last six months have we achieved some level of stability. As such, our team decided the time was right for a Team Management Profile. This is one of those diagnostic tests where you answer seemingly silly questions about yourself and in return you receive a profile of your work style and preferences. The overall objective is to help you better understand yourself and your co-workers so we can all work better together.

First, let me say, I am not usually into this "touchy-feely" stuff. My typical view is, 'who has time for this stuff?'. However, after having gone through the process and getting the results I am wondering if this information will not only make me a better team player - but a better mom and wife.

Apparently I am a "Thruster-Organizer" which means that I am a "outgoing type who likes to make things happen by organizing people and resources so ideas, discussions, and experiments are turned into action." The profile also told me a lot of stuff that I could have told you without taking the test e.g., I put a heavy emphasis on getting the job done in an efficient and effective way. It also told me some things that don't really matter in my home life such as "you do not like things to be in disarray." Umm, apparently the human tornado that winds its way through my house daily is not a "Thruster-Organizer".

On the other hand, some items do come in handy for my "real job" as a homemaker (is that a PC term?). For instance, I "respect routine, organizational systems and roles and if such procedures don't exist, [I] will set them up." Well, when you first bring home your newborn, life starts out as having no routine. Time is just something that passes in the background. But, establishing a routine is helpful if you actually want to accomplish anything as your newborn becomes an infant. Obviously people on the other end of the spectrum might disagree, thinking that flexibility and spontaneity are the keys to a happy life, but fortunately another of my skills is to talk louder than those folks (no, this is not in my profile).

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