Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Please Tell Me That Didn't Just Happen

LP likes to put things in her mouth. She also really likes to play with socks. No sooner do we put them on then she pulls them off. We are constantly searching the house for her socks because she somehow sneaks them out of the clean laundry basket and hides them away. Fortunately it is summer and we don't really put her in socks or shoes. At least we won't until she starts walking.

Anyway, yesterday we went for a nice walk around the neighborhood. I gave LP a toy to play with while we walked. I also noticed that she had a cute little sock balled up in one fist. "Whatever", I thought, "at least it isn't a pacifier."

As we neared home, I heard a "thwack!" and the sock hit the pavement. I picked it up and it was drenched. In fact, I wrung it out with a tight squeeze of my fist.

Then is occurred to me that the sock was soaked with my daughter's saliva. I quickly picked her up and ran into the house to thoroughly wash my hands.

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