Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This and That

First, I have to air a grievance. I hate hate hate "enforcers." This is my term for people who drive 60 miles an hour in the left lane and think they are doing you favor because the speed limit if 55. Two words: MOVE OVER.

Now I have to brag. My Uncle Barry was featured in a fabulous article in Rochester, NY's Democrat and Chronicle. He is actually even nicer and more laid back than he is made out to be.

Now on to working mommy news. LP has decided that one nap a day is enough. By noon or so she thinks she is done resting for the day and can stay awake until bedtime. At school they put her in he crib for a second nap and baby girl plays peek-a-boo with herself quietly until they give up hope of her ever falling asleep. At home I put her in her crib for her second nap and walk away and complete a few tasks before coming back to liberate her. Sometimes I get lucky and she is asleep, most of the time she sees me, stands up and holds out her arms for a lift.

Without an afternoon nap, from around 6 pm until bedtime, baby girl is intermittently a total crankpot and a little angel. Changing her diaper is an adventure - she squirms, sits, stands and basically does anything she can to make it nearly impossible to gt her cute little butt into a clean diaper. Her pre-bedtime bottle is no longer quietly consumed while in mommy's arms - she downs it while standing on the couch, looking out the window or lounging on the couch - after crawling to the opposite end from me.

Granted, if only napping once a day is the price I have to pay for her sleeping through the night (which she has been doing for quite some time), I will gladly make the trade-off. However, one nap a day really isn't enough. I could use at least three myself.

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Molly said...

Hi, just stumbled across your blog. You have a very cute little girl! My son just turned three and is so active, if I can get him to nap for 20 minutes that is it! Even when he was a baby he was like that. Now, what would we give as working moms to take a nap in the middle of the day?!!!