Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Ack! How did this happen?! Today, my baby turns 2!

My little AK, the sunshine on a cloudy day, the ball of non-stop energy, LP's best friend, the smile that can convince anyone to do anything...TWO!

Oddly enough, when the Hoos dropped her off at day care today they told him that she is one of their quiet ones. She is happy, but not completely off-the-wall and energetic. She talks and sings to herself when she is supposed to be napping, but she doesn't chatter non-stop. For those of you that have seen AK in action - at home, on the playground, anywhere in public - I am sure you are as astonished as we are.

Then again, perhaps it is her Gemini nature - or perhaps it is because she is like Jem: quiet, unassuming, studious business owner by day and rockstar at night. (Hey! I just realized that Hannah Montana is totally a rip-off of this 80s animated series!)

As a really brief wrap up - with more details and photos coming over the week - we had a great weekend celebrating both of my lovelies:
  • Friday, I served cake to LP's class and gave her a horrible mani/pedi (she totally didn't care how bad it was, she was just so excited).

  • Saturday, we bought LP her birthday present - a new bike with training wheels!

  • Sunday, LP's birthday party at the SM&NC with family, lots of small children and farm animals

  • Monday, the Fairfield Memorial Day parade (AK sat on my lap on the curb intently watching the parade, LP also enjoyed it and only hid behind me when the Bluefish mascot or a dog passed us), sprinkler play, and fireworks and birthday cake with family

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