Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Packing It In

My office is in the midst of a shift - both physically and mentally and both at home and at work.

The out-of-home working experience will geographically change next week when my office does an intra-city move. From a quiet office park without much going on to a high-rise in a not-quite bustling downtown. I will be trading my view of leafy woods for one of tree tops beyond buildings. I am looking forward to being able to walk to restaurants and Target and the mall and WalMart. (So sad that my ability to easily run errands during lunch is a factor). I don't really like packing, but since I am an anti-hoarder and prefer things electronically, the process is not so painful.

Metaphysically my "real" job continues to evolve as well. We are in the process of integrating following our merger with a larger corporate entity. Perhaps I am naive to believe that I will have a job when everything shakes out early next week. I would like to think that it will be a position I want with an organization I want to work for - but of that I am less sure.

Over the weekend we acquired some office furniture from friends. They had done an upgrade to built-ins and their cast-offs were a definite upgrade for us. Instead of mismatched file cabinets, shelving and various containment devices, we now have a desk, printer table, cabinet and file cabinet that match. It looks like grown-ups live in our house! And now that I have more space I have been able to do some organizing. Our home office is a place I don't mind spending time!

The furniture was rearranged while the girls were sleeping and the next morning I found them sitting on the rug running their hands over the new cabinet that was deemed the "craft cabinet." It was like they were seeing all of the various craft detritus for the first time, "I didn't know we had this!" LP exclaimed, looking at some color books she had cast off some time ago.

The good news is, if I am going to be working from home more - or even only working at home - in the near future, at least my office is up for the challenge.

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