Monday, June 14, 2010

Social and Soccer

On Friday the girls' day care had an ice cream social. It is an annual event, but this is the first that we attended (it is amazing how one person can really change the feeling of a facility - goodbye cruddy old director). They bounced, ate, and got their faces painted.

Saturday was LP's last soccer game. It was also "Trophy Day." Do I even have to tell you how excited she was to receive her very first trophy?
Sunday we went strawberry picking. I was too busy picking and monitoring AK, who easily won the unofficial strawberry eating contest, to take any pictures, but the good news is we were not alone! Hoepfully pictures will be available soon.
I have made two strawberry tortes, strawberry mousse and cleaned several dozen strawberries for straight-on eating. Even with AK eating her weight in berries we ended up purchasing almost eight pounds worth of fruit!


Robyn said...

SO cute! All of it!

Anonymous said...

I need your Torte recipe! I told Josh you were hinting you wanted pictures ;-) My Strawberry sorbet turned out yummy!