Monday, June 28, 2010

Looking into the Crevasse

Today my office moved into our new space.

I am not one to lose my sense of balance, but it will take a while to adjust to the landscape. The interior cube farm layout is different - I needed a map to find the ladies room - and the view is even more disorienting. Instead of being at ground level, I am now 15 floors up. I see treetops and rooftops - not exactly a canyon, but definitely more elevated than my previous cube.

In addition to the literal crevasse, I am facing a figurative one - comparatively a much more daunting prospect. I am figuratively going to hurl.


nallman said...

I'm figuratively confused. You're either figuratively pregnant or facing a figurative life shift.

Yours in figurative confusion,

AmyBow said...

to be perfectly clear - i am NOT in any way shape or form pregnant. literally or figuratively. i will not even offer up a pregnant pause. i am just saying that i am facing a potential change in my life.